Bespoke Framing

The nature of bespoke framing is to consider each artwork for its unique properties; the value of the work will influence the way in which it should be presented. Bespoke framing is our speciality: whether you are framing a newspaper cutting, a child’s painting, a photograph or an original Picasso, the purpose is to protect the artwork and to display it to its best advantage.

Whilst the simplest option may well be to use a ready-made frame which will come in a variety of popular sizes and a range of mouldings, it does not necessarily mean that the artwork will be presented in the best way possible. A bespoke frame will add to the quality and value of the work.

We are able to create a one-off combination of frame, bevel mount and all other items that may be required to exhibit the artwork to its best advantage. This requires not only artistic knowledge, but also a very good grounding in conservation methods, and an ability to think laterally.

Photographs need to be handled carefully and there are a variety of issues that need to be taken into account when discussing framing options. For example, we will always recommend a bevel mount or spacer to avoid contact between a photograph and the surface of the glass.

With more unusual objects, it takes specialist knowledge to be able to translate what a customer would like and what is feasible. To this end, we have framed many such items, from boxing gloves, footballs, cricket bats, christening robes, all types of fabric etc. We’ve even framed a bodysuit! Please speak to one of our staff for further information.

A bespoke frame is an extremely good investment: most people will only frame something once in their lifetime, and a well framed object will last for many years.