We are able to mount and display all manner of memorabilia, from items of clothing, to collections of medals, sports equipment, shells and wedding bouquets. We have even framed Mohammad Ali’s boxing gloves and shorts!

Framing memorabilia is highly specialised, and as such requires specific materials that are not always known to standard framing companies. We therefore offer a complete service at competitive prices, with each item treated individually to ensure the final design meets your exact needs.

We can frame almost anything, but the relative depth of most memorabilia can present its own challenges. Most mouldings are only deep enough to accommodate sheet material, so we create frames deep enough to take the glass or perspex at the front, plus the item itself and backing board etc.

For more rigid objects (boxing gloves, balls, cricket bats etc), there are various techniques for holding the items in place, such as a fine nylon thread, or creating a ledge within the case of perspex box.

Fabric items, such as sports shirts, christening robes and antique fabrics, need to be sewn onto a backing board so that they are held in place. A spacer (usually acid free) is then used in the rebate to separate the surface of the fabric from the glass, which allows a breathing space as well as avoiding squashing the item. As virtually all memorabilia has its own value, it is also worth considering the conservation aspect.

Fabric items can also be suspended on rods and then displayed in perspex boxes. This is a very minimal look and perfect for a more contemporary finish. Other fabrics, such as batiks, can require some kindof stretching technique, either to a wooden stretcher or board. Our staff can describe and explain all the apprporiate options on viewing the artwork.

We treat each item individually to overcome any difficulties in displaying them. If you need any advice on whether it is practicable to frame an item you have in mind, please contact us or call into our shop.